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Hutchy "My Time" was #4 most added to CMJ-New World 2 weeks in a row! In case you didn't know, Hutchy was one of the vocalists on the last Thievery Corporation CD. Airplay confirmed on over 150 stations with great support from Global Rhythm, Big up Radio, Corazine, LA Weekly and more!

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Something a bit different from this JA born but USA residing artist and producer. Hutchy was a big DJ and producer in Washington DC during the Nineties playing everything form house to hip hop to funk. A few years later and the first collection of tracks is ready for a full release - the album has a sound of its own; slightly spacey in production with a reggae foundation of bass and drums and an end product that does not behave like regular reggae. It is the house element that makes it different but the The War On Terror track is one of the standouts for me and that just drops like killer dancehall.

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My Time (Ruff Cut RUFF CUT003)
Hutchy, aka Michael Hutchinson, is a renowned Washingon
DC promoter and DJ, most famous for his roots-influenced club night
exodus and this shows in the first offering on his own Ruff Cut label.
With a flavour ranging from Gregory Isaacs-influenced lovers rock on Lotion through to more dancehall-coloured tracks like Love Plot, the album charts a
suitable mellow path.-UK

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Hutchy is a Michael Hutchinson, a Jamaican-born, Washington DC- based producer who does a fine line iin elcectronica-tinged dub and reggae. This is full
of warm yet rugged dub outs, ragga-esque rubs and rocker riddims. It's melodic while 'real', and will appeal to anyone into dub-deged sounds. Paul Sullivan
Mint Track: 'Flowers' -UK


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Hutchy 'My Time'

Hutchy is a Jamaican artist receiving plenty of airplay in Washington DC, where his fusion reggae and dub seems to be working a treat and has seen him work with Thievery Corporation amongst others. The immeiate singalong potential of the song-based material is evident in 'Get A Whole Of Yourself', with a bright wide open sound that goes well with the vocals. Meanwhile 'Bad Boys Run The World' works well with its solo and response, while 'War On Terror' is not afraid to confront some very pertinent issues. Thoughtful and uplifting at the same time.

-Ben Hogwood

This album got the best rating of 5 dancing men.


beatzbase "My Time" is a classic dancehall, dub and reggae masterpiece from Hutchy (aka Michael Hutchinson - founder and label head of ruff Cut Records). Hutchy's been on the music scene since the 90s, establishing himself in Wasahington DC after relocating from Jamaica, incorporating everything from hiphop to funk into his DJ sets. In fact he has been so busy since then, that it has taken him this long to release this, his debut album. If you're a dancehall, dub or reggae fan, you'll want this in your collection! -UK  
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Any fan of the Trojan back catalogue will fall head over heels with Jamaican born Hutchy. My Time is pure dancehall vibe, mashing scattered electronics into the mix with traditional reggae and dub to create a barrage of sun drenched sounds to shake your booty to. Tracks like In the Mood and Making News are reminiscent of the sounds going on in the reggae scene in the late eighties when a new sense of fusion and musical cookery were pumping out of valve amps up and down the country. Noel White -UK

one week to live Hailing from Washington DC via Jamaica, Hutchy is not only the founder of Ruff Cut REcords, he is also a prolific producer of boom-ting reggae tunes. He has been knocking them out for nigh on a decade now, yet this is his debut album. Ah well, better late than never. Skanking out of the traps first is 'Get A Whole of Yourself', which employs a subtle hip hoip beat and squelchy bass synth, before the introduction of a choir and the reggae licks. It sounds like something I heard on h oliday in 1983 - a touch of Typically Tropical mixed with Big Mountain perhaps. but not in a bad way. For 'Take Charge', more of a dubby flavour comes to the fore, with an odd guitar effect played over the standard high pitched Hammond style organ to good effect. 'If It's Love' takes things a bit more dancehall, yet remains melodic and not too guttural, while 'Bad Boys Run The World' sounds like Jah Wobble at his best - plenty of echoes, glitches and whipcracks - one to skank to, definitely. A more spartan approach is taken for 'Floweres', which tends to rely on the vocals to provided most of the track, but when they're this good, they do the job rather well. 'In the Mood' is a languid affair, with an occasional high pitch tickle from the piano, providing a good counterpoint to the proper dub bassline. Dancehall sounds are catered on the 'War On Terror' and 'Love Plot', with the former's staccato beats fulfilling the role of a backbone for a diss on the so-called "War On Terror" (how do you declare war on a noun anyway?). Things return to the lighter reggae style for the happily bassed 'Get Away', and the uplifiting cadences on 'Lotion' arer bathed in a smooth synth, with subtly plucked guitar underpinning it all. Nice bit of reggae with some wise words. Well worth getting. -UK  
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Hutchy - My Time
By Charlotte Otter
Normally summer in Britain means sunshine, long evenings in the park and record labels trying to push mediocre reggae bands on the unsuspecting public in a bid to cash in on the summer vibes. This year its been different. For a start its been raining non stop and secondly the said reggae artists have been surprisingly talented. Take for example, Hutchy, American based singer and performer. His debut album, "My Time" features a wonderful mix of laid back beats and uplifting tunes, combing elements of dub, roots reggae and dancehall rhythms. A fantastic fix for any reggae junkie.


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DC native Hutchy was originally born in Jamaica but moved to the nation’s capitol in the 1980’s. He soon become a well known DJ and contributor to the go-go and club world that DC is so famous for. His music is dub mixed with roots reggae with elements of dancehall mixed in. Fun filled times are “My Time” and Hutchy knows that he can entertain any crowd with his uplifting joints. Nice production makes this a damn nice find for any reggae junkie.

- J-Sin

corazine Hutchy presents a fairly even blend of organic and electronic flavors in his reggae dub release "My Time." It's personable and distinct and overall, it's not bad. But I did feel that it could have used a little more hook. It just felt too low key for me. You can be laid back but still kick with some groove and a dash more tug on the listener's attention would have been nice. However, fans of reggae and dub are encouraged to check it out.  

Reviewed by Sadie O., 3/12/07

Electronic Reggae/dancehall/something other from a one-man-band production powerhouse. Michael Hutchinson (from Jamaica, now in DC) produced the whole mess, sings like Gregory Isaacs and toasts like Beenie Man. His only help is the female backup vocalists, who are a bit “modern soul” for my tastes, but not too bad... Lots of dub, a bit of glitch, some riddims that haven’t been invented yet. Really interesting stuff, no doubt!
No FCCs that I could make out, although there are a couple of tracks clearly about sex.
I love 8-10, only 12 is less than really good, IMO.
1. **bouncy somewhat uptempo bubble made of electronic bloops, lots of echo on the chorus, some on the lead vocals. Rather thin on the bottom of the mix, but still a cool riddim. Funny bit of Jamaican conversation in middle.
2. **classic roots rock skank, “version” production. Very minimalist instrumentation, but lots of fun noises.
3. **shout out intro, midtempo oddball skank, highly processed, rather “glitchy” vocals.
4. ***dubbed up like crazy midtempo skank, thick echo on the toms, straightforward singing about how “world leaders” are bad boys.
5. **random glitchy intro, then very subdued riddim, sweet vocals at very front of mix. A bit reminiscent of Gregory Isaacs, but produced on the other side of dub. Some bits of silence mid-song – you may think the CD player is acting up!
6. **midtempo skank with lots of really random electronic sounds. Another straightforward love song, apart from the whacked out production.
7. ***short random intro, then midtempo dancehall syncopation with lots of female “R&B” chorus, heavy political dancehall rap. Another really unusual production.
8. ****I don’t know what you’d call this riddim, but I’m digging it – there’s even a bit of early rock ‘n’ roll. I could do without the female urban soul vocals, but other than that it’s a treat for the ears. Mind you, it’s all about sex...
9. ****bit of electronic intro, then midtempo roots skank with “horns” – fine sound, excellent vocals.
10. ****short bit of electronics, then very noisy uptempo, almost rocksteady riddim. Love song, but lots of fun, thick, juicy riddim.
11. **big intro, midtempo roots bubble with lots of dub, very silly lyrics about what girls want.
12. *downtempo and relaxed, rather softcore skank – love song which really has every right to be shite, but falls just short.
13. ***rather uptempo, thick but inscrutable riddim, almost glitch, dancehall toast. I don’t have anything to relate this to, but it’s cool!
14. **midtempo roots skank, lots of atmospheric electronics, sweet singing.
15. ***talking intro, then uptempo bubble with chick harmonies, “horns”, thick instrumentation.

massive music HUTCHY/My Time: A reggae associate of Thievery Corporation, Hutchinson is one of the up and coming dub stars that has done it all on the dj circuit and has the chops to prove it on display on this release. With an unabashed commercial edge that connects in an honest way, Hutchy is riding at the creme of the underground.  



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